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Seattle owners?

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Anyone from Seattle here???
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North seattle here. Welcome.
Hi there,

Im not from seattle myself, im from Europe but living in Dubai!!

I have a 2006 SE 4X4 Titan here, and its great fun hitting the dunes with it!! Unfortunatly i need a new radiator for it, and Nissan parts are crazy expensive here (e.g. A radiator is around 550 USD), and i looked online and found several in US for around 150-200!
Anyway.... I have a friend that works with Emirates airline and he is going to Seattle tomorrow... Do you by any chance know where he could pick up a new radiator for me?? I think he is more or less downtown in Seattle on hotel!

Thanks man.. Appreciate it :)
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Meant to quote not thank. The dealer would work for a crappy replacement. The aluminum ones are your best bet. You won't have to replace it again in a couple years. Spend a little more now to save in the long run.

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Thanks for your info... Whats a nice aluminium radiator going for would you think?? Dont have to be any specifik brand, just a ok priced one!
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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