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SEC15 Winch
SKU: SPACMM5026WW $850.00USD

Trucks & SUV's

Introducing the lightest 15,000 pound winch in the industry! Weighing in at only 101 pounds, the ALL NEW SEC15 packs heavy duty power in its compact design. Featuring compact dimensions and 25% less weight than other winches in its class, the SEC15 mounts easily and is a great choice for full size trucks that are looking for big winch power without adding big winch weight to the vehicle’s front end.

15,000 Pound (6810 kg) Capacity
Fully Sealed Winches
Submersible, 500 Amp Solenoid
Series Wound Motors
Multi-Mount Solenoid
Clockable Gear Housing
Load Holding Brake
Marine Grade Remote Control Connectors
Corrosion-Free Construction
Fast Line Speeds


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