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Second slipping and not shifting into overdrive

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So I've been reading on and off for over a day. 2007 Nissan Titan LE 4wd 153,000 miles.
A few weeks ago i lost a wheel bearing seal, while at my local transmission shop i told him of the problems I was having. Site slipping in second gear and not shifting into overdrive. He had hooked it up to the scanner and no codes showed up. I had them service the transmission fluid. I knew this was wrong because i drive my truck and know my truck.

So from what I've read the torque convertor is not locking out, to speed sensor, to turbo speed sensor. Sounds like this has happen to others in the past but no one has stated wheat the correct repair.

Please help family vacation in 7 days!
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Did they do a total fluid change or just empty the pan. Sometimes all it takes to hang the valve body up is a small piece of debris floating around in the fluid. If all of the fluid has been changed along with the filter and it still acts up, it might be a bad governor or solenoid. Hope this helps you point you in a direction. I've been down this road a few times myself.

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