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Self Control Issues!!

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Please tell me I'm not the only one here who is having problems controlling their right foot.......At 37 years old I thought I was over this years ago but I can't help but to reach down, shut the VDC off, lock the shifter into first gear, and smoke the living hell out the tires when no one is looking. I never do it when people are around so it's all to satisfy my own addiction. I'm at my worst when I'm getting ready to make a turn because the rear end will slide around nicely and then when it straightens up it's still spinning the piss out of both rear tires. A little slap on the shifter into second gear and then it hooks up and were off at a rather blistering rate. The sound of that engine at 6 grand would make NASCAR drivers and fans proud. It's addictive and I'm an addict BIG TIME!!! Thankfully the tires are just a little over $100 each at the tire rack because I bet I'm ordering a new set for the rears soon....

My name is Dale and I'm a tire burning, slap shifting-aholic!!
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I'm keeping you company in that category Jet!!! I got ya by a few years, age-wise, and I KNEW I hadn't outgrown that heavy right foot syndrome. But when I purchased my Armada, I was telling myself, "OK now, this ain't your Mitsu Eclipse that you dart all over town in...this is a 5,000 lbs monster......take it easy. I try to listen to my words of wisdom, but when your son is sitting in the second row barking out orders like "Faster daddy faster!" or "Hey car, get out of my daddy's way!", its just soooo hard not to stomp on the gas :) Yeah thats it, its my sons fault, yeaaah!
Just so y'all know, I don't drive like an idiot when my boy is in the SUV.................I wait until he's safely inside the house before i do that :upsidedow said:
I really feel for Bighawaii having to go around in circles. He should practice for Nascar truck series and enter the Titan!
Hehehe, thats funny! When I lived on Oahu, I did so many "laps" driving on H1, I often thought I WAS a NASCAR driver :jester:
1 - 3 of 22 Posts
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