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Self Control Issues!!

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Please tell me I'm not the only one here who is having problems controlling their right foot.......At 37 years old I thought I was over this years ago but I can't help but to reach down, shut the VDC off, lock the shifter into first gear, and smoke the living hell out the tires when no one is looking. I never do it when people are around so it's all to satisfy my own addiction. I'm at my worst when I'm getting ready to make a turn because the rear end will slide around nicely and then when it straightens up it's still spinning the piss out of both rear tires. A little slap on the shifter into second gear and then it hooks up and were off at a rather blistering rate. The sound of that engine at 6 grand would make NASCAR drivers and fans proud. It's addictive and I'm an addict BIG TIME!!! Thankfully the tires are just a little over $100 each at the tire rack because I bet I'm ordering a new set for the rears soon....

My name is Dale and I'm a tire burning, slap shifting-aholic!!
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I really feel for Bighawaii having to go around in circles. He should practice for Nascar truck series and enter the Titan!
Hehehe, thats funny! When I lived on Oahu, I did so many "laps" driving on H1, I often thought I WAS a NASCAR driver :jester:
:jester: :jester: :jester: i live on the big island so its not as bad as oahu, at least the roads are usually clear so i can whip my titan. and theres off-road trails galore! just have to wait till it stops raining. just about everyone luvs this truck here, at lights and parking lots people cant help from complementing or asking how i luv my truck. :) oh, i smoked a chevy yesterday and didnt even have to floor it, truck never went over 4k. god i luv this truck.
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