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Selling stock wheels...what vehicle will they work on?

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I am looking to sell the stock 17" wheels (with tires) from my 2006 4x4 w/off road package. Does anyone know which other vehicles they might fit on?
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They should fit on any 6 lung chevy or ford. I have seen the stock 18s on a chevy. hope this helps

6 lug Fords are metric so they're different. But the 6 lug Tacomas, older 6 lug Yotas, Tundras, and Chevys are the same lug pattern.
yeah 1/2 ton chevys and tacomas have the same lug pattern, it will work
toyota's have a larger hub size so our titan wheels won't work. they will however work on chevy and GM full size trucks and suv's with 6 lugs. the tire size might have to be changed though.
i believe the old mazda pick ups will work as well (maybe old nissan hard body's as well), i've seen a few mini trucks with 18" escalade wheels on low pro tires.. maybe that will be a good market...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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