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Serious Problems

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I have an 05 KC SE. Currently 71,300 miles. :smoke: At 69,700 the truck died on the freeway. Would start, but would not take fuel. Towed to dealer (no SES light ever on), and they diagnosed it as a bad IPDM to the tune of $400. Driving it home from dealer, it died again! Towed to another dealer - 4 hours away from the first - (no SES light ever on), and they diagnosed it as a bad fuel pump:teethmast . When it died, the motor sounded like a band of cymbals and tambourines banging around due to all the backfiring and sputtering it was doing. The transmission would not shift. Supposedly, the bad fuel pump caused a drop in pressure which told the computers there was a problem, and everything else stopped:huh: . NOW.:crying: ......driving the truck down the road, the SES light does come on. By the time I get pulled over, the SES light is off. Took a look under the hood, and all vitals were fine. Get back on the road, less than 8 miles later, SES on again. Get out, discover my oil dipstick is now barely touched by oil. Walk to a store, put 2 quarts in to get off the road. Less than 2 miles. Check oil, dipstick ok. 5 miles later, I shut it off, make a call. Start it up, great cloud of smoke, Batman!!! Towed to dealer, and all I have been towed as of today is that it will take a new least! I can't help but wonder if the earlier problems with the backfiring have now reared their ugly heads. Anyone have any input as to this, as I am not looking forward to this type of repair bill :grimrippe for this new of a truck. I know they did not charge me for this truck like it was a disposable one, and I certainly was not expecting a disposable truck for that amount of money!:bandit:
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Sorry to hear about your troubles, but I don't know what to tell you. I do wish you luck.
They told me that wifey's car needed a new engine last week.
Yesterday it is just something with the fuel system.
Wait and see what they really find after the initial diagnosis.
good luck, really dont kno what to say about the issues your having.
Sorry to hear your problems!!! thats a lot of stuff happening. It might be the cat problem too since you have oil consumption. Good luck
Finally got word today, that the cost to teat the engine down to find the problem that caused all this will be $1,500. My 3 calls to Nissan have resulted in me being assured that I would hear from a district rep. next business day have resulted in 3 consecutive days of NOT hearing from district rep. The total cost for the known repairs is now $11,000!!!! If, and only if, they find nothing else. Anyone have any ideas how to help?:crying:
Can you trade it off?
Seems a little steep since a new engine cost $5400.00 from Nissan.
TitanOwner2008 said:
Seems a little steep since a new engine cost $5400.00 from Nissan.
$5789. to be exact. Plus labor. 14 hours to tear old one down. Not looking pretty. Can I trade it off? Well, after it's fixed yeah. As it sits, what is it worth?

Found an almost exact set of circumstances:

check out thread "titan dies on road today" from this board. I tried to post link, but not allowed. Posted by dandy in march 2004.
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