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Serpentine problem

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I buy a used nissan titan 2006 six month ago.
Then i start with some repairs and renovations.
First i saw that the serpentine belt was not original, was one line smaller. It was still working but i would give my first v8 only the best.
Oem belt(6pk) arrived, we change it and i was happy.
I was driving maybe a mile or two and hear some noises and decide to stop an check it. Belt was close to broke completely, a mess under the hood.
Happy i got the old one still in the car, so i change it, and ordered another original one. Change it one more time, and immediately same problem. So i change to the old belt, maybe that was the reason why the last owner use a smaller belt. Now i try to find out what part eat the belt.( maybe a line somewhere is damaged and produce a saw effect.
Anyone has some experience with same problem?
Make it sense to find the roll who is damaged?
Or should i forget it and can use the smaller belt with no problems.
Another effect : when i drive true water(not a river maybe knee level) and water just kiss a little bit the belt the belt stop to work.(battery lamp blink and for a short moment no steering.Maybe a effect because its smaller and move then arround. After passing the water it start after a few second work normal.
It sucks and still makes me nervous when i see some water on the road.
I hope the forum can help me to find out what it is and problem no longer exists.
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remove the belt and spin all the accessories to see which may be binding. look for junk/debris in the grooves. look for sharp edges as well... the water acts like a lubricant and can make the belt slip... also check your belt tensioner and idler pullers... if the bearings are bad it may cause the belt to shift.
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