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Ses light after heat shield removal?

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Yesterday I removed the heat shield on my manifolds in preparation of header install next weekend. After I got them out I sprayed all nuts and o2 sensors with on blaster. I do disconnect the o2 sensor for removal of the heat shields and plugged them back in when I was finished. I did not think to disconnect the battery before I started. After every thing was sprayed I let the truck idle for about 10 minutes while I cleaned tools. When I got in my truck to leave I noticed that the check engine light is on. Again all I did was disconnect the o2 sensors and then plug them back in. Would this cause the light to come on? Or coincidence? I am new to the forum and am excited for my new header install and cajun b pipes and uprev. Thank to everyone heat which is where most of my research came from. Thanks for the assistance
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Check the code and post up what it is.. If you already have your Uprev kit you can do it with Cipher.


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P0328 knock sensor 1 circuit high input (bank 1 or single sensor)

P0333 knock sensor 2 circuit high input (bank2)
Check the knock sensor wiring
I would erase the codes and see if they come back first.
Ok.... Ses light went off by itself on my way to work, I checked all the wiring that I could put my hands on and all looks good, knock sensor code still shows up on cipher. Doing my header install on Friday and did not need one more thing to repair on the list.... Do the knock sensors go bad (if there bad) And why both at the same time? Most days I love my T.
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