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SES Light: Code P1000

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I just returned from a trip of about 500 miles. On the morning after the trip, I start the truck up and get a SES light. Using the ECM Diagnostic procedure, I get the following flashing lights
1 long
10 short
10 short
10 short

I assume this is code P1000?

Anyways, my truck is completely stock and runs fine. I wonder if I got some funky gas or something while on my trip?

Anyone know what the P1000 code is?
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i may be wrong, but i don't think there is a P1000.

if it is:

P0100 Mass or Volume Air Flow Circuit Malfunction
P1100 MAF Sensor Intermittent/ Check of all OBDII Systems Not Complete


P1000 Monitor Testing Not Complete

here's a link to codes:
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Thanks for the replies. :cheers:

For now, I cleared the code and the light hasn't come back on. If it comes back on, I'll check into the grounding problem.
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