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I've culled through threads and posts about the error code P0717 (turbine sensor) with the SES light and AT check blinking several times when key is in "on" position. From what I gather, this scenario could be a faulty sensor (located inside the valve body) or possibly needing a new tranny. Most of the posts are old and wanted to see if anyone has more intel regarding these issues I'm having.
Background: 2007 Titan SE 4x4 Crew Cab, 175k miles, rebuilt transmission 2-3 years ago. Just bought it 2 weeks ago.
-transmission fluid looks good and pinkish red, no burnt odor
-Won't shift out of 3rd gear around 40 mph but does gear down at stops and shifts as normal 1st thru 3rd gear.
-Autozone check read Error P0717
-Hose clamp was loose at the MAF, tightened it back down so no sucking air.
-No abnormal noises, leaks or smells
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