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Shattered an Easyout. Need help

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I hade the trans bolts on my '04 T come loose and ended up breaking one off. I got a good easy out, soaked the broken bolt from the top for like 2 days with penetrating oil, drilled clean through the bolt, carefully put some heat on it and thought this will be a cake walk but to my surprise the SOB didn't even budge. I soaked it another day. Went back out try again and after getting so frustrated I decided to really put some force on and shattered the easy out. Never had this happen. So I am now coming to you knowledgable brothers to enlighten me with tricks to get the rest of the easy out, out, so I can just drill the whole bolt out and retap to a bigger size.
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I've changed hundreds of transmissions in my day. It isnt uncommon to find one where the broken bolt was left in the block. Worst case, you can forget about it if you have to. When the transmission has to come out or the engine blows up you can address it then.
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