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Shattered an Easyout. Need help

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I hade the trans bolts on my '04 T come loose and ended up breaking one off. I got a good easy out, soaked the broken bolt from the top for like 2 days with penetrating oil, drilled clean through the bolt, carefully put some heat on it and thought this will be a cake walk but to my surprise the SOB didn't even budge. I soaked it another day. Went back out try again and after getting so frustrated I decided to really put some force on and shattered the easy out. Never had this happen. So I am now coming to you knowledgable brothers to enlighten me with tricks to get the rest of the easy out, out, so I can just drill the whole bolt out and retap to a bigger size.
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That is really my plan but I am not sure how to get the remaining easyout that shatteredand was still in the bolt. I have heard that I just need something hard and shatter the rest out but after trying a few things nothing worked. Thanks for you comment though
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