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Sheet Metal Intake

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Here It Is The Sheet Metal Intake .Hogans Manifolds Will Custom Make It .Big Dollar Item,$2600.00


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They are beautiful pieces but you have to have a hell of a combo to justify the premium. Have to find the flow limits of the stock manifold first though. Then see if it can be ported. Then see if anyone will make a cast aluminum version. Its taken 10 years for a cast aluminum 5.4L 2V intake to even be seriously considered... :(
lowlypawn said:
What’s the point? Will they really help give HP?

Not unless you're running a built engine, ported heads, cams, etc. Those intakes are difficult to make as the insides where the runners connect to the main plenum are usually bedded with epoxy which is carved until all the cylinders are balanced.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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