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Shell Rotella ELC NF Coolant, does anyone use this engine coolant in a gas engine or in their own diesel?

Rotella ELC vs Rotella ELC Ultra.

Rotella ELC uses a carboxylate based corrosion inhibitor
Rotella Ultra ELC uses a molybdate based corrosion inhibitor

Carboxylates have an oxidation state of 3 while molybdates have an oxidation state of 6.

This is significant in comparison to G-05 coolants (Premium Gold) which use nitrites that have an oxidation state of 2. Water has an oxidation state of 1. The higher the oxidation state, the better your corrosion protection. Molybdenum is also a great additive for protection against cavitation; a bane of high compression engines in their cylinders. Molybdenum is the element seen in oil additives like Hot Shot's Secret and Rev-X to address stiction as well.$PDF$

Great for aluminum, has better oxidation property over conventional coolant. Lasts a long time. And its Red!

I like shell products, I use Shell Rotella T6 5w-40 synthetic engine oil. That stuff is like a diamond in the rough for quality easy to find oil.
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