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For both issues i read all the threads but im still at a loss as this has to be related to my latest install as everythign was working fine before. so im not sure what i did wrong.

My truck was working perfectly fine, shift interlock and rear sonar was working fine, but this past weekend i took apart the radio and dash to install a navtool on my pro4x with navigation screen.

Shift interlock:
-I hear the clicking when i press the brake, but i cant get out of park and when i use the manual button i also cant get from drive back to reverse with out having to push the button.
-rear brake lights work
-Fuse 20/21 position is fine - its a 10amp and its good. the stop lamp fuse.
-under the dash at the brake pedal it looks like the two plunger buttons are functionally properly. what voltage comes from there? i can poke and check with multimeter or light tester if needed.

Rear sonar:
now the rear sonar now doesn't work either?!! when i start the truck the sonar switch is illuminated but only the vehicle profile is lit up. the OFF is not lit up. only the car profile.

Not sure whats going on here.

What I did:
During the nav tool install, i did a back up camera and overhead DVD wire up to the navtool in order to see on the front screen.

i took the center dash apart and connected power and ground to the power socket wires, reverse wire to the reverse wire at the passenger side kick panel.

the camera is powered at the drivers side rear tail light power and ground connected at the reverse bulb itself.

the navtool and back up camera are working.

very frustrated right now......uhhh

Thanks in advance guys...

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so frustrating, but I figured it out.

I reviewed the FSM sonar section (SN.pdf) and found that the system uses both the back up relay to power/engage the sonar system when reversing...thus causing my shift lock to not work and as well my back up sonars...

all for a 10amp fuse located at position 12 of the passenger side interior fuse box. last one on the 2nd row / bottom.

It is labeled at "electronic parts" well it covers a few things i know now...LOL

I have both shift lock and rear sonar working perfectly fine now.

Images for the next guy:
FSM SN section says fuse 12 and 51 - my issue was fuse 12:

Fuse box schematic:

Fuse Box - passenger side interior - location 12 is bottom right fuse 10amp:

Picture of fuse box cover - shows position 12 as "electronic parts" - so frustrating!!!:

Originally i checked the STOP LAMP fuse (position 21) and it was fine....that one being a known issue for the shift interlock, but we need to also know that fuse 12 is also related to both systems.



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