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shift out of park and drivers window.

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New member. I thought I needed to join at this time because my 2009 Titan is getting on my last nerve.
1. My driver window was acting like a Spaz them quit working. Stopped at the down position and it's going to be a cold ride home from the bay area tonight if I don't get it to go up.
Is there a reset on the motor itself as I was led to believe in a posting I viewed recently?
The window would go up and without any reason, go down on it's own.
The passenger works fine.

2. Anybody know why I cannot always shift part of park without the wiggle & giggle. I also noticed that the shift down bottom is no longer working, so no longer have lower gears when I want to downshift.
I love my Titan and have had 0 issues with her till now. If anyone has had any of these issues and can point me in the right direction I would be so ever grateful.
John from Stockton.
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Sounds like your window motor is on the way out. Try slamming the door hard and that should jar it enough to get it to go up. You can try banging on the inside of the door panel just below the arm rest to jar the motor, otherwise you will need to take off the door panel to get a good wack at it.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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