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Shocks & Tire questions

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Hi - Not sure where to add ??'s so adding here for now. Have an '06 Titan LE crewcab 2wd. In Oregon where we have all kinds of weather! Possibly looking to upgrade to 2012 or newer but for now need new tires & shocks as I drive passengers alot. Any suggestions on the shocks to get rid of harsh bumpiness! ??

Tires 265/70R-18- I've priced thru Les Schwab & Tire Factory so far & mechanic friend may be able to get whatever less retail for me then I can have Les Scwhab put on. I drive alot of city, some rural (dirt, wet leaves on pavement & on hills pebble, etc...) Some days 10-12 hrs with many stops & hills. So I think an all terrain would be best without sacrificing mileage if possible. At least too much! I do pull a 14 ft steel & wood trailer with whatever in it. I do have extra brake on this, Boat is broken right now but when we haul it, it is a 19 ft trihull.

L.Schwab suggests - LT265/70r-18/10 S Back Country at all position owl $1206 - too much $ for me // Then P265/70R-18 Wild Country xtx sport all seasons owl 1oply/50k - T.$880 // or Wildcat a/t 2 all position owl $883

Tire Factory - Falken WildPeak a/t owl 116S TL on sale - $680 // p265/70r 18 SL Hankook Dynapro ATm RF10 BSL 114T TL $820 50K // SL Cooper Discoverer a/t3 owl 116T TL $876 // LT265/70r 18/E Nokian Rotiiva AT plus BSW 124/121S TL $916

Any other suggestions. didn't know there was so much to choose from. Thanks for any quick help. Have a trip to montana next month & am pulling a small sports car one way.
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I have bilsteins 5100's all around on my truck, on the highway they are great very smooth but on nasty bumpy roads you will feel it but for a truck I don't think its that bad. As for tires I have BFG TA KO2's on my truck and I love them. Great traction all around so far and ive done wet, dry, sand, dirt, have also towed with them and they have not let me down yet. I think I got my set for about $1100 OTD at Americas tire when they had a special. Noise on these things is minimal too which is a big plus for the wifey since she hated how noisy my last set of tires were (Nitto's).
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