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Hi new to the forum..looked around..still confused... just bought 2004 2wd titan...134k has leveling kit... clunks in the bumps... so my question... do I buy adjustable struts? if so keep the leveling kit in to retain the height? going to probably tighten up the rest of the front as well ..control arms tie rods... Thanks
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Clunk is probably due to the previous owner putting too big of a spacer up front without replacing the upper control arms. Look on the coil bucket for marks from the OEM uppers hitting the coilbucket to confirm. What you want to do up front will be determined by how you want to fix the clunk. If what I said above is happening you will want to determine if you want to keep the same height, if you do, you will need aftermarket Upper control arms. If the clunk is caused by bad struts then you can replace them with adjustable struts and remove the spacer (depending on how big the spacer is. There are various options for both instances, really depends on your budget.
Yes, you can see if they are hitting pretty easily just by looking, usually there is a rusted spot with a chip or dent on the lip of the coilbucket. Depending on the spacer, (does it actually measure 2" thick?), yes you can get the same height using adjustable struts. You can either leave the spacer in and keep the adjustable at the lowest setting or remove the spacer and put them on the top setting for 2" of lift.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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