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I have always bought used to help me buy some extra toys for my rides. I am now driving a 04 T CC SE 4 wheel drive that I got with few miles and in really great shape. My questions are: (1) Why do I not see any recent threads on nitrous.. after reading as much as I possibly can, I thought about going with a small 50 hp shot just to help out with a little street racing that gets tight, (2) what are any suggestions (since most threads are couple years old I found, have we learned anything new)? (3) can I run it with a hypertech programmer and Injen CAI. My exhaust is custom from the headers back and I know flow is not really an issue.
1. a few people on here spray. search on nitrous in the search section

Also can jump on youtube and type in Titan and nitrous to see some runs down the track..

2. We learned a lot.

People on the Forum drive Titans
Earlier models had some issues
There's been a few upgrades to them over the years
Win some-lose some when street racing
Some have issues with recalls/TSB's while others have none
Some take their trucks off road while others keep to the streets
Mod options have come along way and we appreciate the aftermarket support...
Silver is the fastest color Titan
Tires only seem to go flat on the bottom
We have whores here
If you say bad words, you get a timeout

Hope this helps...

3. Yes.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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