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Should I paint the engine cover

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Should I have my engine cover painted?

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I have a local guy whos just starting to expand his shop, does powdercoating, painting etc cheap. For 50 bucks I can get my engine cover sanded down smooth, painted an automotive red base coat and then an automotive clear and then wet sanded. I was thinking red because my truck has a little red on it nothing too standing out, just subtle ( red relentless sticker on my back window, red on the pro-4x sticker, gonna do calipers after I get rims etc... just little things) Then later on get a CAI and paint the intake tube the same way red also. The cover right now looks a little crappy all stained from coolant spray and it looks like the body shop tried restoring it by clear coating it or something I dont eve know lol

Do you guys think I should go for it?
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for $50 that is a good deal on real auto paint.

Have him do red with some gray ghost flames

Painting the engine cover REALLY makes it POP!
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dont forget the bolts!! :bangit:
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