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Shuddering at 20mph

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Hello this is my 1st time posting on any type of forum.I have a 2008 Titan SE king cab 4wd long bed 173000 miles. Recently it started to shutter when braking only at 20mph. At the recommendation of Bridgestone I replaced the front rotors and pads. The issue has not been fixed. Two things happened within two days after a long trip the shutter began and the next day the shift cable broke at the column which has been replaced. There is no shaking at the steering wheel I can feel throughout the whole truck. Feels like rear to me. Bridgestone said the u joints feel ok the only issue they saw was the center bearing may be a little loose. Any help would be awesome
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When dealing with a shop technician that offers parts replacement without a diagnoses that they can describe to you. or better yet, show you...get your keys and go somewhere else. Every problem has a diagnosis/troubleshooting decision tree that isolates the issue....when you get responses of 'it could be this or maybe it could be this other thing', no one has done the work to solve your problem. Unless your brakes were shot based on measurements of pad thickness, rotor run out, rotor thickness etc., then you should not be paying for a brake job. It wasn't your problem.

The bearing is an easy test, but in my experience, when failed, it's related to more speed and you feel it in your butt. If your low speed shudder isn't moving the steering wheel, it's not in your front end. You could be experiencing any number of causes, including a shifted belt on a tire, a damaged rim, to a broken tranny mount. Go find a mechanic that actually does what you pay them for. Clearly something is broken, it shouldn't be an easter egg hunt to find it.
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