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Shuddering at 20mph

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Hello this is my 1st time posting on any type of forum.I have a 2008 Titan SE king cab 4wd long bed 173000 miles. Recently it started to shutter when braking only at 20mph. At the recommendation of Bridgestone I replaced the front rotors and pads. The issue has not been fixed. Two things happened within two days after a long trip the shutter began and the next day the shift cable broke at the column which has been replaced. There is no shaking at the steering wheel I can feel throughout the whole truck. Feels like rear to me. Bridgestone said the u joints feel ok the only issue they saw was the center bearing may be a little loose. Any help would be awesome
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Shuddering at 45 mph

Hey guys I'm new to posting anything on a forum so bear with me a little bit. I've got a 2011 pro 4x crew and within the last 8 months it's started shuddering at 45. Smooth till then and smooth after I reach 50. What's strange is sometimes are worse than others. like you can barely feel it and then it feels like I'm being launched to mars. Also I checked the driveshafts both are not bent and I replaced the u joints on both of them. Didn't even touch the problem. One last thing is when I have weight in the truck either when carrying five people or 500 +pounds the shuddering doesn't happen. Scratching my head here guys.
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