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Shuddering at 20mph

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Hello this is my 1st time posting on any type of forum.I have a 2008 Titan SE king cab 4wd long bed 173000 miles. Recently it started to shutter when braking only at 20mph. At the recommendation of Bridgestone I replaced the front rotors and pads. The issue has not been fixed. Two things happened within two days after a long trip the shutter began and the next day the shift cable broke at the column which has been replaced. There is no shaking at the steering wheel I can feel throughout the whole truck. Feels like rear to me. Bridgestone said the u joints feel ok the only issue they saw was the center bearing may be a little loose. Any help would be awesome
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2004 Nissan Titan King Cab LE. When my carrier bearing started to fail, it seemed to occur and shudder when sitting on a small incline waiting to pick-up the kids at school, or when letting off the throttle, and sometimes accelerating hard. It took a long time before symptoms reoccurred consistently or when trying to reproduce it, over a year or two. You have to be at just the right incline to stress the system. It shuddered the whole truck and was kind of unmistakable as any kind of brake issue. Possible transmission or driveshaft maybe idler pulley, but not brakes. I am sure it could be confused, if you happen to brake when it occurs, but the event is pretty exciting, so with that adrenaline pumping, pay close attention next time, to eliminate that as a cause.

Tire Belt Elimination
I recently thought the wife wrecked my other car and didn't tell me, It seemed like CV axle, but when I jacked it up, and put in gear, whole wheel was wobbly and looked like a bent rim. With the tire off I could easily see an internal belt had broke and the tire was almost bubbled out, that wasn't noticed when parked. With resonance it was worse certain speeds, but was always there and a consistent problem every-time I drove it.

Happy Troubleshooting
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