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2020 Titan Pro-4x in Baja Storm
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so i just got my 2020 pro4x4. installed the tyger armor sidebars- had on my 2019 tacoma trd offroad and loved them.

i noticed that these sit a little lower than i thought they would. not sure how far compared to the taco. i measured 11 inches from the floor to the lowest part of the side bar.

i got these so that i can get to the roof to wash and more importantly, to keep rocks/gravel from coming up and hitting the bottom of the doors- i frequent gravel roads.

i won't be rock crawling or anything but i do go up to the mountains where i have a remote place and there are some good hills- a honda crv awd new model does it fine without any touching.

the titan has a longer wheel base than the crv obviously. I suppose i can do the math to see what my new breakover angle is and report back.

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