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Side Storage Bin

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I picked up my LE CC 4x4 this week (a week early!) I was troubled by the effort required to close the side storage bin, which of course my dealer said was "typical". It really took a slam to close it. For those of you with the same concern, just loosen the two 10mm bolts holding the loop or catch inside the bin, pull the catch toward you while tightening and the problem is solved. A nice firm push is all it will take. All the trucks on my dealer's lot were the same, so I assume many of us are having the same problem. I try to avoid going to the dealer as much as possible for issues I can take care of myself. Hope this is useful.
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Thanks for the tips. Good to know it stayed dry at the carwash as I spent all my money and time there it seems!! I also use my power washer at home. I hate going to muddy and un-kept car washes. I saw a post the other night about how do you wash your vehicles. Even in the winter I wash my vehicles. Hard to do when the water freezes to the car before you can even dry it off it off!! I probably look pretty funny at the frozen car wash but I try my best.
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