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My dealer ordered my Titan today. They called me to say they could not offer me the sidebag package with the other packages I ordered. I ordered:

Titan SE CC 4x4
RF w/bench
Off Road Pkg
Big Tow Pkg
Utility Bed Pkg
White w/ gray/titanium interior

They said that sidebag package could not be ordered with RF and bench config. I decided to keep the RF audio package and drop the sidebag package. The dealer was then able to complete the order. He gave me the order number so I can later track my truck being built.

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Nice choice!...that's the same exact color and config I'm thinking of ordering. The first Titan I saw on the dealer's lot was white...really seems to define the lines of the truck and one of the only colors that "works" with the dimensions of the CC...don't ask me why.

And yes...Too bad they made so many restrictions on the bench seat(no airbags, no DVD, no power!)...seems to me to be the one thing they didn't research about what people really want in their full-size trucks! If I wanted those frickin' captains chairs I'd keep my wife's wimpy SUV... :)

Wouldn't be surprised if the bench seats in the '05 come with alot more options.

Post some pics when it comes in,

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