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6,067 Posts rules regarding the dimensions, file size, file type, and content of signature images.

What are signatures:
Signatures are the small bit of text and/or image that appear below each member's post. These signatures can be customized through your User Control Panel, which can be found here:
User Signatures are useful for letting readers know a little about yourself and or your vehicle. Use of signatures is completely voluntary, however if you decide to use yours, you must follow these simple rules.​
File Type:
Your image file should be a .png, .jpg, .jpeg, or .gif file. Bitmap (.bmp) files will work, but are usually very large in size so we ask that you avoid these.​
File Size:
File size must be kept below 80kb to help reduce our bandwidth usage and alleviate the slow page loads for our dial-up readers. Using a proper file type can usually ensure a small file size, but many animated .gif files have very large file sizes.​
Image Dimensions:
Your signature image size is limited to 300 pixels in width by 200 pixels in height. To determine your image's dimensions, simply right click over the image and view its properties. We are slightly flexible with this rule, for example a 310x205px image is acceptable. Generally width is not as much of an issue as height. The moderators will help you determine if your image size is appropriate.​
Number of images:
You may use more than one image, but regardless of the number of images, their combined total dimensions must not exceed the maximum allowable image size. (ex. widthA + widthB <= 300 pixels)​
Your signature image(s) can be nearly anything you'd like. However, the same rules that govern normal posts also apply to your signature image. This means refrain from using lewd or otherwise offensive images. Remember this forum is dedicated to the Nissan Titan, so we encourage you to use a Titan related signature image.​
Additional Help and Tips:
Remember that TitanTalk offers a gallery for use by all our members, so it isn't a necessity to have multiple or large images in your signature. A simple link in your signature to your album will offer readers a lot more than time and space wasting images. If you need assistance in setting up your signature or resizing an image, please don't hesitate to PM a moderator. If you need help uploading/linking your image, please read this topic.
If your current signature does not meet these requirements, please update it as soon as possible so that it does. If you do not follow these rules, you will receive a private message from a moderator asking that you comply. The next step is for a moderator or administrator to alter your signature for you or removal of your signature privileges.

Update 2/11/11:

Since there have been so many violations of this signature picture size limit requirement, violators will no longer receive a PM before the over sized picture is removed by site administration, so be advised.
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