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Sirius radio question

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Bought my wife a Sirius Stratus 4 radio for Christmas. It was professionally installed and hardwired in her 07 Rav4. The problem is that when she drives under awnings, overpasses, carports, etc. the radio quits playing. The installer thinks it could be a problem in the radio. Any ideas? Anyone had a similar problem?
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This is a satellite radio system. The antenna must "see" the sky. Things like snow build up usually won't cause a problem, but anything solid like the things you mentioned will interrupt the signal. I even have a problem sometimes with trees overhanging the roadway. It's normal and your tech should have known that, do business somewhere else. This is basic stuff here.
That is the unfortunate thing with satellite radios. Mine cuts out every now and then when I go under an overpass or trees. However, mine is sitting on the dash. One thing that can help improve reception is a better sattelite antenna or antenna position on the vehicle. Some receivers come with cheap antennas and I have heard some people using XM antennas which improved reception greatly. You can always look at that.
That is my only knock with sirius. The signal sucks. XM has a much better signal with much worse programming. I have heard of people using the XM antenna as well and they all say it works better. Maybe when they approve the merger (if they ever do) they will put some more satellites up.
Thanks folks. You can tell I'm satellite radio challenged. I'll tell my lovely wife she just has to live with it.
I agree, I switched from XM to Sirius. Reception sucks with better programming. I am going to try the XM antenna and see what happens....
I've had sirius for over 2 years and have never had a problem with reception unless it is blocked by trees or something overhead like you guys are talking about. It sounds like the installer doesn't know much either if he says it is a radio problem.
I just got the Stiletto2 as a b day gift and i love, finally got Howard back!! This thing is awesome, its and mp3 player, satelite radio, and wifi capable so when im at home i hit the wifi button and it links up automatically. Installing the car kit today.
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