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Sirius Satellite tuner replacement for stock XM tuner HELP needed

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Hello i have a 2010 Titan 4x4 PRO with the Rockford Fosgate stereo package.

It has a XM tuner built into the radio and i want to replace it with a Sirius tuner.

Since i have a lifetime subscription to Sirius, The XM tuner is useless.

I have tried to contact both companies to try to have them activate my XM tuner with my Sirius subscription ( i would figure this is possible considering they are a merged company now). But they tell me this is not possible and i need to take out the xm tuner and replace it with a Sirius tuner.... figures

I even called Rockford Fosgate and they said they put the equipment in the car and stamp their name on the radio, but the radio is not a Rockford Fosgate radio. at least thats what i was told when i called and couldn't help me find a compatible Sirius tuner for my situation...

the only tuner i could find that i think would work is the SIRIUS SCC1 model..

Anyone know if the SIRIUS SCC1 model would work or is there a better model tuner that would be suggested?

thanks for your time all!