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Skid Plate mounting bolt size?

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Does anyone know the size of the 4 bolts that hold on the skid plate (I've also heard of it referred to as a rock guard) that is located directly behind the front bumper and covers the oil filter? I have an '04 LE w/o the off-road package so the skid plate that I am talking about is just a sheet of metal, not the fancy off-road one. I had always taken my truck to the dealer for oil changes since it is very close to my work and because they would wash the truck for me. But just decided to start changing my own oil and when I went to remove the plate to access the filter I noticed that the plate is only being held on by 2 bolts at opposite corners. Upon further inspection I found that the 2 missing bolts were actually broken off, I'm assuming, from being over torqued. I have a nice set of easy outs at work that I plan on using to remove the broken bolts and I also have access to a large stock of assorted hardware from which to hopefully find some replacements but just need to know the size. Damn dealership! I understand something like that breaking but to not take a few minutes to fix it is unacceptable. Thanks for the help!
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It is a common problem, I'm sure someone knows. I do know that the bolts for the Transfer Case skid are M12x1.75, but I don't think the ones up front are that large. Probably M10x??? Best bet is to take the plate off, use one of the bolts that isn't broken and take it into Lowe's to match it up.
I only know it takes a 10 mm socket. I would go out and take a good one out but right now it's about 35°F and snowing so that will have to wait. I did use the search function and was surprised that this is such a common problem. Just another simple detail that Nissan messed up.
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