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Skid plate mounting bolts

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Christ on a crutch, how fcking hard is it to find a simple bolt size?!?! My Google-Fu fails me today. I got a '10 Pro-4x with the steel skid plate. Somehow I misplaced the FRONT mounting bolts for it. It's an OEM skid plate and there were 4 stainless steel, button-head allen bolts that hold the front of the skid plate on. I figure it's an M12 x XXmm or bigger, but my local hardware store only has M10 bolts.

The local dealer isn't local, and I don't want to make the hour-long drive if I don't have to. Anyone know for certain what size the FOUR FRONT-MOST mounting bolts are? I still have the two little 10mm bolts for the back side.

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The bolts are indeed M12-1.75, if I recall correctly. I'm going off of memory here, but I'm thinking they are 50-60mm long.

There are some options in stainless, none of which are cheap. A set will run you $20-25 shipped. No idea what the OEM stuff costs. I have one with a stripped head, so I have to figure out a solution at some point. Right now, I'm just running one bolt on that side instead of two.
Well, just as I said, I'm working from memory, so verify before you buy. Home Depot or Lowe's should have a sizing jig and you can check the pitch before you spend money.
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