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Skid Plates...2008 Titan.

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..the dealer want's 300+ for the lower radiator plate. Are there any after market plates for the 2008 out there??
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i have the same problem as you, and i almost bought the oe skid plate because i have not found an alternative yet. but i think i may get a bull bar that has a skid plate on it, like a westin. i wonder how it will affect my tow hooks
All of the bull bars require removal of the tow hooks. I'm slowly working on an alternative for the skid plates.

Also, the skid plates on the bull bars don't extend any farther back under the truck than the bumper does. They are basically only good for mounting a set of lights on IMHO. The stock OR skidplates are beefy though. At least the front most one is.
most people rarely ever use tow hooks, most people as in the ones who drive on pavement 95% of the time. as a matter of fact, today the bar saved me a paint job because some dumba$$ went in reverse at a light. whos drives backwards at a light?!
300 Bucks ain't 2 bad. IMHO
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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