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Sliding Bed Extender

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I have a sliding bed extender that works with the utlitrack system. It has a few minor blemishes from use but it works perfectly fine. I have it broken down atm for shipping. Im asking $130 shipped



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Weekend bump will also take best offer
$130 is the price shipped? I'm in DC, and just want to know if the price is going to change?
ok im in PA and im very interested in this, been looking for one. i will be getting cash this weekend and wil paypal you. pm me if you like we can talk, sorry doing this on my phone as i type
Yes thats $130 shipped anywhere in the US.
still interested... just waiting for Pay Day next week. just wondering, what would the price be if picked up? got a co-worker that lives in PA.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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