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Small mod but might be the first.

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Now i had already posted in the "what did you do to your titan today" but i was thinking about it and this might be a first. after months of taking ideas this might be one i can give back.

Since painting this little fan i have recieved more coments then fenders, wheels, tires anything and it cost me about 4 dollars. unfortunatly you do have to take the bumper off, which sucks but bedline the sucker at the same time and its worth it. Do not try doing this with just the grill off that is 45 mins of my life i will not get back.


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Seems like alot of work to me. But kinda looks cool
Details on taking the grill off, please. I need to paint the rusted steel behind. Thanks
Details on taking the grill off, please. I need to paint the rusted steel behind. Thanks

If your just after the grill and not the bumper. pop the hood and there are two plastic covers about 6'' by 2'' on the top of the grill on either side pop those out. Next step take a flat head screwdriver and you will see 4 plastic clips with screwdriver heads on them just twist them quarter turn and they will release the grill. once you release the top just lean it forward and you can poke the other clips sothat they release then all i do is pull it out it doesent like it very much but i havent broken any clips on the bottum.....yet

kind of a budget write up but there are a couple good threads with visuals that i would recomend searching. that is how i learned good luck.
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I dunno...seems like way too much work. Give you props, but not my style.
I like it, I would do it if I didn't have to take my brush guard off to get to the bumper, twice as much work for me to do it.
I'll prob paint mine w/ hi temp "aluminum" when I take off my stock bumper and have a fab'd one installed... Nicely done...
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