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alright guys, i finally found me a lift that i am hopefully buying this friday, and i was just wondering the smallest tire size i could run without it looking rediculous. I have a 3" body lift already, the lift im buying is a 6" suspension stage 2 coilover procomp lift with 3" spacers.

so alltogether i will have a 12" lift, but I only have 35" mud grappler tires with 20" rockstars right now. I know it would be dumb to run the 35's with that size of lift since the tires would look way tiny, but ive been spending alot of money lately and need to see the size i should start looking at buying. until i can afford to get bigger tires i will probably just use the 6" with my body lift so i can still run the 35s and put the spacers on later.

thanx for all the help. i know a little about my truck but not sure on sizes like these, any input helps. :hi:
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