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Smartphone diagnostic/sensor monitoring apps?

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Does anyone use one of those smartphone diagnostic/ sensor monitoring apps in their truck? I have android so i was looking at the "torque" app (, but i know there are some for the iphone as well. Anyone use one of these apps?

Im thinking of using my asus transformer tablet paired with a bluetooth obd2 adapter to replace my scangauge to monitor the trucks vitals (RPM, engine temp, etc).

Just wondering if anyone had any long term experience with any of these apps.
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I got the GoLink for the iPhone. It's ok, but it's not great. Some of the $50 apps that work with it look nice, but I'm too cheap for that. The free app works, but it's VERY minimal & hard to read as you're driving.
you might be interested in this: VIVID Performance Tuner

i don't see a part number available for the TITAN though. they gave up on the 2011s so who knows if they'll make the VIVID available for TITANS at all...
It's true, we are holding back on 2011.

We were very enthusiastic about Superchips’ Nissan product when we launched a few years ago. We made really good, drivable power and had some nice added features like WOT restriction removal, so we were pretty excited to enter the import truck market. That excitement has met the reality of niche products and resources constraints.

Nissan tuning has been a victim of low sales. Nissan truck sales have softened dramatically over the last three years, so it’s difficult to justify fast-tracking R&D resources on low-volume platforms.

Titan sold 21,223 for 11 mos. 2010 compared to 16,027 for 11 mos. 2009. Compare that to Ram at 176,411, F-Series at 473,461, Silverado at 327,617, and Sierra at 112,999. The math is quite simple – engineers designing products that fit 1M units or products that fit 20K units.

We’ll revisit the Nissan coverage this summer if Nissan truck sales rebound.


supposedly AVID will be available this summer which is for those who already have an android device. but again, who knows if it'll be available for TITANS.

i would contact [email protected] to see what's up if VIVID are AVID tickle your fancy.
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