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Smoother riding titan how to.

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I was just wandering if anybody has had the same problem my titan is rough riding bad. It's a 2004 se with the tow package on it has anybody ever tried changing the shocks my titan dealer said that other shocks seemed to make them ride rougher any help. THANKS
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My 04 SE rides like a cadillac!

Maybe a few questions...

What tires?
What tire pressure?
How are your tires wearing (cupped/ feathered/ uneven)?
There are tons of options and combinations for shocks, coilovers, springs etc... I suggest using the search function to find what you need. It will point you to numerous threads where this has been discussed in great detail.
I just don't know what to search for key words.
I had bilstein HD shocks up front and ICON shocks in the rear on my 07, and it rode smooth as silk. Just figured i'd put in my thoughts.
Replace your shocks and you will be happy again ... I have Bilstein up front and DonHoe in the rear
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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