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Snugtop camper shell with pics

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This was $2,000 new. Selling for $500 obo.
located in the SF Bay Area.
email: [email protected]

My truck is dirty.

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when did you buy it, and what size bed will it fit on?
He has a king cab so it's pretty obviouse 6.5'
bump. Anyone interested?
Nice topper. Wish you were in Kentucky.
Another bump for a sweet deal. I've always like the Snugtops, nice look and quality fit and finish. Even though I want white, I'd be all over this if it were for a crew. I would think you will have no trouble selling this. I'd craigslist it if no takers here.
DANG YOU!!! That is great deal and the color I need only one problem though, IT'S A KING CAB!!!!!!!!! I got a Crew Cab...............
one heck of a deal. somebody could get that and get it painted to match for cheap $
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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