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Snugtop CC Shell For Sale

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I have a Snugtop crew cab shell for sale. I bought it in August of 2005. I also have a custom fit rubber bed mat that I'll throw in too. The price is $600 or best offer. I'm in Los Angeles.


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Dang man, that's a great deal!!! Too bad I just moved outta Orange County to Colorado...............
I;d be all over this if it was black. Nice shell!
BlackBart said:
I;d be all over this if it was black. Nice shell!
Shoot you should still be all over it, i need black as well!!! For the price he's asking and how much it will cost to have it colormatched it's still a steal..... I believe those snug tops are close to 2K brand new.......
That just might be too good to pass up.

Anyone have any idea about how much it would cost to color match to a Blizzard white Titan?
My guess would be 2 or 3 hundred for a good paint job. To be sure, I would recommend asking a shop that you trust for an estimate. If you did have it painted, the outside would be as good as a new one. The Snugtop is a high quality shell and I would recommend a quality paint job to match it.

By the way, I'm not selling the shell because I'm dissatisfied with it. I'm planning on installing a small slide-in camper on my truck. I set the price aggressively since I don't have much free time to handle the sale and I want to get the slide-in as soon as possible. I shopped around and feel the Snugtop is the best of it's type for the Titan. I am very happy with it's quality and look on the Titan.
damn I just got quoted 2300 for a NXT, pretty much that shell with a roof rack.
PM sent.

One thing I forgot to ask, does your Titan have the Utili-track? Mine does, just wondering what I'd need to mount it.
Sorry, I didn't check my messages. I just PM'd you back. I don't have the utili-track. Here are some pictures of one of the brackets.


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Thanks for the interest. It has been sold.
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