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So Cal Nissan Dealer Service, The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly....

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At 47 years old, I've been driving Nissan's for nearly 3 decades now. Though I've had other brands, Nissan has been in the family more than anything else.
Two Maxima's, a 3z, an Altima, a Quest, and a Titan. All purchased new, and all from differant dealer's in the Los Angeles area, so as you can imagine, I've had more that my fair share of experainces with Service Dept's, honestly, most of it has been the bad, and the ugly....
I've had scratches, dents, theft, lies and even things broken on purpose, that was the time a brought in my 95' Max for allignment and the CV boots mysteriously sliced themselves open and pushed out all the grease inside....
That said, I have been diagnosed with the serious and incurable DSP, (Dealer Service Phobia).
Well, the DSP hit me hard recently when, by virtue of a new trailer purchase, a decided it would be a good time to change out my fluids in my 06' Titan
The front and rear differential's seemed ok, but the transfer case was completely DRY! So I fill it up, and low and behold, it starts leaking from the around some of the lower bolts!
The truck's got just over 33k miles on an 06' 4X4 with tow and off road package's.
Well, back in early 08', I took the titan out 4 wheeling, now, living in Southern Cal., this wqas only the second time I used, and while I was in the canyon, the Titan lost power to the axels and sounded god awful!
Yep, there I was in 4 low, and all I got was--CLUNKITY CLUNKITY CLUNKITY, for all of ten or fifteen seconds, so I stopped, shut it down, and tried it again to no avail. Long story short, It started working again and I made it home fine, but when I took it back to the dealer I bought it from, (Superior Nissan of Carson), they said everything wqas fine. That was in early 08', and since then, I might have used the 4X4 5 times for a total of maybe three or four miles, and only when I REALLY needed it--Why?, because I didnt want to screw up the truck and have to deal with Nissan Service, warranty or not.
Now, fast forward to my recent fluid change and subsequent leak...
So, here I am, 2 month's left on my 60/60 warranty, but I still dont want to take it to a dealer and get shafted, so I start lurking the blogs and find out the transfer case bolts were causing leaks in some of the early year Titans because they were too short and didnt thread all the way through the spider gears, which caused them to loosen up and back out, so I get the thread seal, torque em' down, and all's good for a few days, then the front drive shafy seal goes, and I mean REALLY goes!, so off to Superior Nissan of Carson I go (I live in Santa Monica, but WONT GO ANYWHERE NEAR Santa Monica Nissan!), now, here's where it gets really good, and I mean REALLY GOOD! The service guy says, "Yea, we know about the transfer case issues with the Titans. Your still under warranty, and we'll have to keep it here a few days, do you need a loaner?"
I say, "Yes Sir, I do"
He says, "Great." and sets me up with a new Murano.
Well, five days later, I get my Titan back with a new transfer case, a new left side exhaust manifold, a new oil cooler, a new radiator fan, and I whole laundry list of other things, some are recall items I never got done because I didnt want a Nissan Service Center touching my truck, and some are things they found wrong during a bumper to bumper inspection.
Talk about your restored faith! I didnt know honesty like this even exsited in Los Angeles County any longer!
A brand new loaner car, and repairs worth god only knows how much! All under a warranty due to expire in June! I could have cried as I dropped to my knees thanking the lord above!
It turns out Superior Nissan went belly up in 09', and this is now simply, "Carson Nissan" owned by a company called the Shammas Grouip, who, among there many other business interests, own many new car dealerships in and around Los Angeles! After researching the company, I learned they take customer service VERY SERIOUSLY! No, I am not associated with these guys in way, I just want to let anyone who needs a trustworthy service center for their Nissan, know, one does exist, like an oasis in the harsh business wasteland called Los Angeles County!
Carson Nissan--Remember the name if you have a Nissan that needs attention and you dont want to stress out about whether you'll get screwed!