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So...I need advice

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I own a 2005 Titan SE, I am looking into buying a 2008 Titan LE, but...the with the new Tundras out, well...I would like to know which would be overall a better buy. I don't know if anybody has owned both, or know's somebody that does but in terms of Raw power, comfort, and overall quality which in you humble opinions would outshine which? I love the Titans, but as for which is better, I don't know I have tried both...but opinions from other titan lovers are appreciated...:smoke:
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You only see so many Toyota products because they build so many of them. It is not because they are the best.
Toyota has the advertising and the word of mouth right now - BUT the Titan has a much better price:performance ratio. I looked at both when buying my truck. I originally wanted an F150 - when I looked at both imports I found that the same options I wanted in the Tundra was 10k less in the Nissan.

The only thing I worry about right now is the resale value.
I was going to trade my titan in for a tundra but i ordered my saw's so i'm so much happier now. I don't think i will be selling any time soon. Enjoying my titan too much.
When I bought my Nissan in October, I looked at Tundras and I like the CC 4X4 but it was very expensive compared to Titan. Also the have Tail gate issues, Failing rear-ends, and now the recall for 20 engines for Cam failures (Makes me think Just 20, what about the rest). Though I trust Toyota to quickly fix all their issues but when you start selling lot of vehicles and current cost presures in the Auto industry, something got to give- unfortunately it will be the quality.

Also lot of people say that 381 HP & 401 Lb-Ft Torque is not a real no.
I like my Titan very much and I think Titan interrior is lot better then Tundra. But that is just my opinion. Good luck with whatever decision you make.
no doubt i think the toyota is a bad a** truck but for what i need and want the titan was the best bet for me options and price was a huge dicision maker for me you get so much more with the titan for the price
good luck choosing i hope you chose what will be the best for you
Aside from the recalls, I wasn't impressed with the Tundra.

There is a cheap plastic piece on top of the grill that bothers me because it's thin & moves around.

The frame is not boxed, the C-channel design flexes quite a bit more. It's also subject to dirt or road salt piling up in there. The frame's cross members are rivited on & not welded. The frame is weaker. It's probably sufficient for anything a pickup truck is subject to, but boxed frames are stronger.
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