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so the decision

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I know this forum gets posts like this all the time but ive read so many threads my head is going to explode so just looking for some general comments.

So Ive decided on the fabtech stage 1 6" for my own reasons, so that not so much what im in question on.

The guy at the shop im going to have it recommended the Rancho 9000 for the rear. Now I have come across other shocks for the rear so just wanted some general comments on that choice?

Next I like my stock off road wheels but im aware that they wont fit with my 35x12.5x17 BFD MT KM2 unless i was to do some modding. Unless, I do spacers. Now im considering the spacers but if i do them on the front then the front rides wider then the rear like most chevys but not sure I want that. So your comments on this? Should I just get new wheels with the 5" back spacing?

Thanks ahead
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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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