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Soaked floorboards - not the a/c

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I'm at a loss and need some suggestions on how water can get in this truck. It's not the a/c drain that mods been done.

Both floorboards had puddles under the carpet and, of course, carpet was drenched.

There's dust behind the kick panels with no sign of running water. The upper carpet towards the firewall is not wet, and there are no signs under the carpet of water entering in that location.

I'm stumped and any search I do pulls up the a/c issue.

Where could this water be entering the truck?
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I had the same problem on a 2006 LE. It drove me nuts. The mats were causing condensation under them. Dont ask me how nor why. I dont know. If I pulled the mats out the floor stayed bone dry for weeks. As soon as I put the mats back in the floor was soaked within a half hour of A/C on. Let me know if you find something else.
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