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Soaked floorboards - not the a/c

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I'm at a loss and need some suggestions on how water can get in this truck. It's not the a/c drain that mods been done.

Both floorboards had puddles under the carpet and, of course, carpet was drenched.

There's dust behind the kick panels with no sign of running water. The upper carpet towards the firewall is not wet, and there are no signs under the carpet of water entering in that location.

I'm stumped and any search I do pulls up the a/c issue.

Where could this water be entering the truck?
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Interesting. Thx for that info. Oddly enough there are two mats on each side. Rubber and carpet.

I will remove both today.
Interesting. I'll have to investigate that a bit further. As of now there is not a lick of dampness from the bottom of the back window all the way up to the back of the front seat. That would include the carpet at the gutters in the back. I will pull the back plastic trim pieces that hold the carpet/cover the gutter and see if there's evidence of water there.

I've got the newspaper rotation going now. *Sigh
Water is not coming from the back via the gutters - that I'm sure of. I can trace the water flowing from front to back in the gutter, and see exactly where it stops.

I had a leaky rear vent in my last Titan. It was very obvious by the wet floor in the back and the fact I could put a hose over it and feel come in the cab. This would have to be some super slick water with a real good path for it to soak both front floor boards as bad as mine and not leave a trace of water anywhere else.
I've been driving around with my carpet pulled up, trying to keep an eye out for where the leak was coming from while drying things out. No leaks since the ice/snow.

The other day I moved my side mirror on the passenger side. Yesterday it poured rain. So... today I went searching.

No way is it the air vent. Bone dry and I ran a hose full speed over that thing. Not the rear window or brake light either.

I've been out there for hours. It's the mirror. The side mirror. Evidently there's seals in those mirrors and mine have gone bad. Leaks right in the front gutter and goes backwards from there.

I'm tired of messing with it today. I don't know if I'll buy new mirrors or mess around trying to fix these, but I thought I'd share.

Couldn't help it. Popped the mirrors off and put silicone around the rubber seal. It may just be a design flaw as there's a huge gap towards the bottom where the wiring goes through. Could probably just as easily solve it by drilling a little hole on the underside of the mirror.

Waiting for silicone to dry before I test it.
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Big Tow. And, replacing them would not fix the problem. It's the rubber gasket between the mirror and the door. I should have snapped some pictures but I spaced it.

I ended up having to do the second mirror twice. The main problem is the hole in the gasket where the main wire goes through into the vehicle. I don't know if the gasket, when new, allows water to drain out below the mirror or what. But, something either never worked right from the beginning, or quit working along the way.

I ended up using plumbers putty on the second mirror.
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