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So I've been talking to Precision Z down in Huntington as well as Nissan Sport Mag about doing a collaboration with us The Nismo Shop @ West Covina Nissan for a truck dyno day at Precision Z in Huntington Beach CA.

Want to know what your mods have done for you? Need some baseline runs before modding? This is the time to do it! I'm sure if you needed parts and/ or installation on parts we could work out some deals through the dealership before hand.

Obviously if you guys have other cars you wanted to dyno, they would be welcome as well but this will be a Titan/Frontier/XTerra/Pathfinder day. Tentatively would be scheduled for mid Jan. I know there are some meets scheduled around that time so we would try and work around those dates.

This would be an awesome time for AZ/NV guys to come out to SoCal and visit as well.

Ideally this will be either a Sat or Sunday mid January.

Email me for more details justin @ (remove the spaces)
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