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We are leaving AK in March and the wife and I decided we needed a little more comfort on our drive out of Alaska. Plus the freezing door handle thing was really pissing me off....broke the passenger side off and the vehicle just fell out of factory warranty and the local dealership was by no means offering a goodwill repair. So replace the door handle myself and my neighbor bought the truck off of me before I could even get it detailed. I took out the amp and box, but left in the the kenwood 6019, rear view camera, ipod integration, and navigation. And of course took off the 22"s.

Anyways, besides the door handle issue, I never had any real problems with the truck, had the brakes done to rid the jitters, and the front diff replaced when an axle popped out last winter, all under warranty. Good truck, but lost the need for it where I am going. Although I will probably be in the market for another truck to haul furniture and stuff when we buy our new house. But, it won't be a daily driver and will be something that I can pay cash for....

It was good while it lasted, you guys enjoy...BTW the 22"s, Tech12Volt box with 10" Memphis sub, and a 700W Profile amp is for sale. I will post it in the for sale forum.

Enjoy...oh yeah, we picked up an 2008 Mazda CX-9 Touring with everything except Navi, DVD package, and 20"s...Nice vehicle...but eventually it will be the wife's and I can get the car I have been yearning for...I have always been a car riding low and whipping turns...the CX-9 is actually pretty close to car driving...Later
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