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This an attempt to consolidate all the known solutions to problems in one place. If you know of, or run across a thread not listed on this first post let me know and I'll edit this post accordingly with the link to the thread. This should after a while help out not only the new owners/members but also the long time members with bad memories. :jester:


1.)Aftermarket Stereo Installation Knowledge Base.
(Suggested by Bestatchess, Contributed by Boucoup Audio Gurus )

2.) Audio Install with Pics.
(Contibuted by M95roadster)

3.) Bezel/faceplate and door panel removal.
(Contributed by Bestatchess Post #4)

4.) Low Audio level through Aux Input Solution.
(Contributed by Sammy Sandbag)

5.) Airhorn for the Titan.
(Contributed by Juma post #6)


1.) Brake Recall Info. Warrenty extension document for 04/05 brakes.
(Contributed By Slurppie)

2.) Stillen aftermarket Big Brake Kit.
(Contributed by gr8titan )


1.) Microfilter replacement/Installation (Great How To, for trucks with no filter from the factory. All trucks do have the filter Box)
( Contributed by VW1972bugs post #21)

2.) Check Engine Light, toolless code retrieval.
(Contributed by Titanparts1 post #16)

3.) Low Tire Pressure Warning System FAQ.
(Contributed by Austin Post#14 and others.)

4.) Popping sound when closing the door.
(Contributed by HavockWK and Friends. Post #4 of this thread.)

5.) Windows creaking in the up position.
(Suggested/Solution by ctuck13 post # 12 of TITANTALK link, Solution by adjmcloon Post #6 and #10 of CLUBARMADA link)

6.) Air bag sensor light reset procedure.
(Suggested by Sammy Sandbag, Solution by smoketitan)

7.) Keyfob ID setup
(Suggested by BLwedge09)

Differentials .

1.) Photos of 05 aluminum rear diff cover install/Info.
(Contributed by gr8titan)

2.) Low differential fluid discovery.
(Contributed by JETTECH)

3.) Checking/Draining the Front Differential.
(Contributed by BigJoe Titan, Post #32)

4.) Checking/draining the rear Differential.
(Contributed by Bestatchess Post 2# and #4)

5.) Differential drain plug torque/sealant.
(Contributed by Bayou Titan Post #2 and Bestatchess Post#3)

6.) Rear Differential fluid change Pictures.
(Contributed by Admorris)

7.) E-Lock locked in 2WD, 4HI & 4LO Modification
( Contributed by Austin)


1.) Optima battery and grounding upgrade.
(Contributed by 1BADTITAN)

2.) Wire colors and purpose
(Contributed by Wareagle)

3.) Wiring 101 for dummies.
(Contributed by Bestatchess and Juma)


1.) How to:ECU Reset,Throttle & Accelerator Position Learning
(Contributed by ROCKYMTNTITAN)

2.)Nissan Titan V8 engine development SAE white paper.(VK56DE INFO)
(Contributed by ARMADA)

3.) Oil Analysis.
(Contributed by JetTech)

4.) Oil Pressure Fluctuation as seen on the gauge.
(Contributed by BLWEDGE09, Post#2)

5.) Air Conditioning Drain Tube Extension.
(Suggested by Cajunguy, Contributed by Vshortt, Instructions by 37L1 Post #60 and Friends)

6.) Blackstone labs (oil Analysis) $20,00

Free Kit form.

Exterior Safety Items

1.) Windshield wiper skipping/replacement blades
(Contributed by everyone in the following threads.)

2.) Removal/ Installation of Big Tow Mirrors
(Contributed by BigRedTitan)

3.) Oily film on windshield removal.
(Contributed by all involved)

4.) Changing wheels/Tire rotation/Lug nut Torque.
(Suggested by Wrenrj1)

5.) Spare tire remote air up/check Mod.
(Contributed by RDfeatherstone)


1.) Replacment procedure for Headlights/turn signals/parking/sidemarker.
(Contributed by RRUMANER Post #9)

2.) Headlight Adjustment.
(Contributed by Stitch)

3.) Solution for inadvertant shutting off of headlights.
(Contributed by honeykeeper, solution by [email protected])

4.) Solution for Intermittent dash/enviromental control knobs lighting.
(Suggested by Fluxcubby, solution by me post#3)


1.) Service Department Advice.
(Contributed by Wrenrj1 )

2.) Downloadable Service Manual FAQ.
(Suggested by Bestatchess, Contributed By Many.)

3.) Nissan Free Downloadable Owners Manual(Contributed by me)

4.) TSB Website
(Contributed by me.)

5.) TSB's (in .PDF format)
(Contributed by Z23Fan)


1.) Axle Wrap. (Explanation and Solution)
(Contributed by JetTech)

2.) Squeaky Suspension.
(Contributed by Mike H Post #18)


1.) Fix for tick on passenger side area.
(Contributed by arkman0, Post#7)

2.) Bump sound from bed when slowing to a stop.
(Suggested by Optimist, Member who first found solution unknown)


1.) Transmission fluid change.
(Contributed by Juma)


1.) Towing FAQ.

2.) Trailer light relay P/N and Installation.
(Contributed by KYdeepwater and Pagerdaddy)

3.) 4X4 drop hitch drop length discussion.
(Contributed by all involved)

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Popping sound opening/closing door

TT member and fellow PRG installer VShortt helped me out with this one last night. When opening/closing the door I would hear 2 pops and thought it was a lube problem on the positive stop guide. VShortt pointed out that the problem is that the screw holding the guide to the body. My other fellow PRG installer MOTO-MAX-TITAN (aka 2 second Max) quickly busted out with the 10mm socket and tightened the bolt on all 4 doors and solved my problem! It really helps to know people!

Here's the culprit bolt:


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All right brothers and sisters this what I've got done so far. Suggestions are welcome and help would be appreciated. I want this to be as complete and user friendly as possible.

Happy monday to you all. I'll be sleeping and you'll be hard at work? Wait a minute if you're reading this you're screwing off. Get back to work!

Oh yeah, thanks havock.

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Ground wire fix? Dunno if that is what your post is for the ticks/rattles, it's a busted link :p

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Great thread Squid.
What about “thud sound when stopping & accelerating”?
Check the rubber floor protectors covering the utility track. They can slam up against the cab when stopping quickly & or slam against the tailgate under heavy acceleration.

Seems like I have seen 4 threads on this & can’t find-a-one.

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Optimist said:
Great thread Squid.
What about “thud sound when stopping & accelerating”?
Check the rubber floor protectors covering the utility track. They can slam up against the cab when stopping quickly & or slam against the tailgate under heavy acceleration.

Seems like I have seen 4 threads on this & can’t find-a-one.
Excellent suggestion. Found a thread and added it to the list. Wonder who was the first to solve and share this fix?
Thanks. :rockon

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I have just purchased my Titan and this is exactly the type of info I was looking for from this forum. Your efforts are appreciated from this newbie and I hope to contribute any other issues that arise on my end.
Now that it has stopped raining I will be able to get pix of my truck for this forum.
Thanks again,

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Window Creaking in Up Position or Faint Ticking

Here is one that I had. There were actually 2 or 3 threads, but the final solution was in this one. A couple of people said it didn't work for them, but it was a definate fix for me, maybe they mis-understood me or the fix. The guys over at ClubArmada did they same thing and it was a definate fix for them also and they have a couple of pics. here are both threads. This one actually has a link to clubarmada.

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Some more stuff for your spare time, Squid:


Removing the HU

Removing the door panels

Air bag light reset
(posted a zillion x)

Making a bypass harness for RF amp using Molex pins - eakes

DIY sub boxes - quite a few posts on that

DIY amp mounting -quite a few posts on that

Stuffing the RF subwoofer box with polyfill - one post on that

Upgrade of battery/chassis/ground wire to 0 gage - lizardking

How to run amp power cable through the firewall - (1) through the 1/2 inch rubber plug or (2) by drilling

How to pull speaker wires through the door boots

How to connect an LOC to the HU (e.g. using Scosche NN03B and NNO3RB)

How to make MDF speaker mounts

Speaker sizes, specs & locations

How to buy double-din dash cover & Metra mounting kit
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