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Some amp help...

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The amp on my RF system is acting up. When ever I am driving around and I use anything of the truck thats electrical, I get a certain Buzz from the front speakers and they go out and I can only hear the back, this does it for some seconds and then over and over again.

While engine is turned off, I dont get this problem unless the volume gets really high.

I took it to a shop, and they said it was the AMP.

I am trying to look for a way to add another amp, but keep all the factory speakers, and steering wheel controls, and that its the less labor intensive.

Any ideas?

I have read about the LOC and asked the guys at the shop about it but they said it will add some unwanted engine noises, etc.. So they said its better to add new HU, new speakers and Amp. Well I dont want to spend a small fortune on new sound, when I already paid for the RF in the first place.

What about the REQ FACTORY AUDIO OUTPUT CONVERTER or a CleanSweep® CL441-dsp by JL audio

or a


I am really getting tired of the buzz and crackle and need some urgent help...

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tech12volt said:
The shop told you an loc will cause engine noise. They are bright ones. I have had less engine noise with an loc than an aftermarket head unit because the loc has so much gain you can get noise out really easy.

The re-q is what you need it alos gives you 12 v out as well for the turn on

and i have a group buy on it right now.
Thanks for the help Tech12.

Well I am living in Mexico right now, and supposedly I went to the best audio guys in the city.

I better order the parts for when I go back to the US during the holidays.

Thanks again..
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