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Some old pictures I have taken

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So this is my friends Jeep.

And this is my friends old subrau this thing was "unsinkable" :gunz: I should have bought it from him:crying:

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That Subaru is interesting. Check my avatar. I used to build/install 3",5",and 8" kits when I was with "Hawk Independent Lift Kits". That's my '79 with an 8" kit. I would like some details of his lift if possible.
are these cars good for wheelin?
They are better than good think about the weight of these cars they are very light. and being all wheel drive they do well. then the approach angle is great. and lastly the turbo helped lol. plus it was wicked cool. the thing looked like a hummer underneath just so much clearance. p.s. ill work on the specs
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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